The financial freedom you deserve.TM

OUR Story

CashRepublic, a community-focused financial technologies company, is on a mission to transform and disrupt financial services

At CashRepublic, we strive to give our customers the service they deserve – low fees and transparency, immediate access to cash, and respectful welcoming customer service.

Sponsored by Lexington Park Group, a private equity firm focused on financial institutions and real estate investments, CashRepublic was founded on the principle that all individuals and businesses deserve access to financial services and be empowered to make decisions on their terms.


Address consumers’ need for a financial institution they can trust and services that do not come with minimum balance requirements and excessive fees. An institution that is transparent, offers simple easy to understand services, and works hard to earn the trust of every customer, every day.
We established CashRepublic to fill the void left by banks that are increasingly focused on affluent customers and are prioritizing product sales over customer service. At CashRepublic we recognize that you deserve easy and convenient access to financial services whatever your financial situation.

We are raising the bar for the financial services industry by building an institution that couples the benefits of a digital platform along with delivering one-on-one personalized services in communities across the country.